The 14 best Instagram spots in Munich

Centuries-old buildings, unique architecture and fascinating squares and gardens make Munich a popular destination. We've rounded up the 14 most popular Instagram spots in the Bavarian metropolis.

We have summarized the 14 most popular Instagram spots in the city for you below:

1. English Garden

One of the world’s largest parks is the English Garden, which covers an area of around 375 hectares. The most famous structure in the park, which is located in the northeast of the city, is the Chinese Tower.

Tip: You have a unique view over the park and parts of the city from the Monopteros. The temple-like structure is also a popular photo motif.

2. Bavarian State Chancellery

The Bavarian State Chancellery was opened in 1933. The building is the official residence of the Bavarian Prime Minister. Due to the stone exterior staircase and the unique architecture of the building, the Bavarian State Chancellery is a popular Instagram spot.

3. Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace, with its 180-hectare park, is located in the western part of the Bavarian capital. The Nymphenburg Palace Park is a listed building. The combination of palace and park makes it a well-known photo motif.

Note: During a tour of the castle park you will pass statues, lakes, bridges and canals, among other things.

4. Courtyard garden

The courtyard garden, which is located not far from the city center, was built in the 17th century. The baroque park is ideal for a walk. In combination with the pavilion, the Hofgarten forms a popular Instagram spot.

5. Munich residence

The Munich Residenz, which was the seat of government and residence of the Bavarian kings and dukes between 1508 and 1918, is the largest city palace in Germany. The building complex is composed of ten courtyards and numerous halls and theaters.

Tip: A tour of the Residenzmuseum will give you an insight into numerous rooms that are distinguished by their special architecture. You can take part in themed tours on site.

6. Feldherrnhalle

The Feldherrnhalle is a monumental hall built in the first half of the 19th century. It is located in the old town of Munich and was built as a monument to the Bavarian Army. Due to the unique construction of the hall, you will find a spectacular photo motif on site.

7. Peace angel

The Angel of Peace is a famous monument built in 1896 in the architectural style of historicism. The golden statue is located in the Maximiliansanlagen at a height of 38 meters. Due to the combination with the fountain and the stairs, the Friedensengel is a well-known Instagram spot.

8. Bavarian State Opera

The Bavarian State Opera is one of the world’s most famous opera houses. The history of the opera goes back to the 17th century. Once a year, the opera festival takes place on site.

9. Brandhorst

You can find special artworks by Udo and Anette Brandhorst at the Museum Brandhorst in Maxvorstadt. The museum was opened in 2009 and is run by the Bavarian State Painting Collections.

11. Glockenbach quarter

A well-known trendy district in the Bavarian metropolis is the Glockenbachviertel. Numerous bars, cafés, restaurants and second-hand stores await you on a tour of this district.

12. King square

The king square is a square, which was built in the European classicism and is located in the district Maxvorstadt. The square has an important meaning for the history of the city.

13. Mary's square

The central square of the city center is Marienplatz. The square, which was laid out in the 12th century and redesigned in the 20th century, is dominated by the New Town Hall. In addition to the Town Hall, other local attractions include the Fish Fountain and the Old Peter.

14. Pinakothek of Modern Art

The Pinakothek der Moderne is one of the largest collection houses in Europe. The four museums cover an area of 12,000 square meters. The museum building, which combines the fields of art, graphics, architecture and design, was opened in 2002.

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