The 10 best Instagram spots on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located in the south of the Italian peninsula of Sorrento and has a length of 50 kilometers. Due to the small fishing villages with their pastel-colored cottages built into steep cliffs, the coast is a popular vacation region.

We have summarized the 10 most popular Instagram spots along the coast for you below:

1. Dome of Amalfi

The dome of Amalfi, which is worth seeing, was built in the architectural style of the Romantic period in the 16th century. The staircase to the cathedral portal is composed of 62 steps. Due to the unique bell tower as well as the fascinating architecture, the dome is a popular photo motif.

2. Villa Rufolo

On the Amalfi Coast, Villa Rufolo awaits you, built in the 13th century. The residential complex was rebuilt in the 19th century. The gardens, with their fascinating flowerbeds and variety of plant species, are a popular Instagram spot.

Tip: From the residential complex you have a unique view of the sea. From the terrace of the complex are particularly spectacular photos.

4. Hotel Poseidon

Hotel Poseidon is located on a hill overlooking the Amalfi Coast. The 4-star hotel has a sun terrace with sea view. The picturesque panoramic view of the coast makes the hotel an ideal Instagram spot.

5. Franco's Bar

One of the most popular bars in the area is Franco’s Bar. Due to the sea view as well as the fascinating architecture on site, the bar makes an excellent photo opportunity.

Tip: From there you can also ideally watch the sunset. With the evening sun in the background, the photos are even more spectacular!

6. Hotel Buca di Bacco

Within walking distance from the beach of Positano is the Hotel Buca di Bacco. Due to the sea view and the view of the Marina Grande, the 4-star hotel is an excellent photo opportunity.

7. Spiaggia Grande

Spiaggia Grande beach is the largest stretch of beach in Positano. Every year the beach, surrounded by numerous houses on the rocks, is visited by thousands of vacationers. The sea invites you to swim due to the crystal clear water.

Tip: Especially in the summer months the beach experiences a huge popularity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to come to the beach already in the morning. This will ensure you a quiet spot.

8. Boat trip Blue Star

A real local highlight is to take part in a boat trip with the Blue Star boat rental company. During a trip in a small group, you’ll explore the Amalfi Coast and see the region from a different perspective. The cliffs of Positano provide a unique backdrop, creating unique Instagram pictures from the boat.

9. Fiordo di Furore - Boat

By boat you can also take a tour to the nearby town of Furore. The fjord was formed by a stream and is unique in Italy. From the water you can watch the Fiordo di Furore and take fantastic Instagram pictures.

Note: The village is located about 10 kilometers east of Positano.

10. Fiordo di Furore - Beach

Surrounded by a narrow bay, Fiordo di Furore beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on the Amalfi Coast. The stretch of beach is especially popular in the summer months.

Tip: Since the beach is only 25 meters wide, the beach section is especially popular with locals and tourists in high summer. Therefore, you should go to the beach early in the morning to get a suitable place.

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